Ground Mounts

What are Ground Mounted Solar Panels?

Ground Mounts are an alternative method to roof-top solar panels which use extra mounting hardware and a ground racking system to secure the solar array to your property’s ground.

Am I a good candidate for ground solar panels?

A ground mounted solar system usually requires a large vacant space on your property’s ground and is oftentimes more expensive than traditional rooftop solar panels. However, if the condition or angle of your roof isn’t optimal for solar panel installation, then ground mounts might be worth considering.

There are many various factors that can hinder the efficiency and the amount of power your panels are able to generate.

During our site inspection we will evaluate your property’s unique layout. We will assess the different options available to you. We will address any concerns or questions you may have during this time. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by installing reliable solar equipment in the best location accessible to plenty of sun exposure. The more energy you can harness from our sun, the more cost-effective your solar system will be which is why we offer a wide variety of solar solutions including different mounting options.

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